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How A Spray Tan Procedure Is Performed

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the active ingredient in most self-tanning products. DHA plays an active role in bronzing the skin. A spray tan application will involve standing in an attendant ran booth or a fully-automated booth.

The Development Of A Tan

A spray tan is an artificial tan that will resemble the development of color that one may normally experience after spending a lot of time in the sun. Due to the omission of UV rays, a spray tan will not be harmful to the skin. DHA is an FDA-approved product that is featured at commercial tanning booths. This simple carbohydrate causes a color-changing effect once the product has been applied to the epidermis.

The amount of color that will develop will be dependent upon the strength of the DHA. Some salons may offer an ultimate tanning session, which will involve the use of a high concentration of DHA. A client's personal skin makeup will have a bearing on the depth of color that can be achieved through a spray tan session.

The Tanning Process

A salon may feature a spray tan booth that is run by an attendant. This person will apply a DHA-based product to the outer layer of the skin. The attendant may use a spray gun, to release the product onto targeted parts of a client's body.  A salon may also feature an automated booth setup. This type of booth will contain sprayers that are secured to the wall. A client will need to enter the booth and stand still while the sprayers release the product.

A spray tanning session can be completed within a few minutes. The depth of the color that a tanning session will provide may not be immediately apparent. A client should refrain from bathing, showering, or swimming for a day or so. This will ensure that there has been enough time for the tan color to develop. A spray tan will last for several days. Exfoliation and perspiration could cause a tan to fade more quickly. A client should exfoliate their skin before they receive a spray tan.

A salon representative will provide a client with pointers, which will aid with maintaining a tan for as long as possible. A spray tan product does not contain any sunscreen. Sunscreen should be worn whenever spending a considerable amount of time outdoors. After a spray tan has faded, an individual can sign up for a subsequent tanning session. 

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