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Improving My Looks When I decided to start dating again after the loss of my husband, it occurred to me that I needed to do what I could to look a little better. I began working harder at the gym and focusing on doing my hair, and it really seemed to make a visible difference. Within a few months, I felt like I was looking better and feeling like myself, and I was impressed with how much help beauty and fashion blogs were. I wanted to begin my own website dedicated to beauty, so check out these great posts to make your next event easier to get ready for.

Posted on: 18 June 2020
If you are interested in the environment and helping to course correct climate change and other environmental issues in the world, you may be looking for ways to make yourself and your life more eco-friendly. There are many areas of your life, of course, that

Posted on: 31 August 2019
There are seemingly endless small details to plan when you're getting married. You need to secure a venue, get the perfect dress, and figure out what you're going to do with your hair. You also need to decide how you'll do your makeup. Here are four makeup tip